I Remember You

I remember you, and you remember, too

I say don’t say it, now I don’t play it

Noooooo more,no more

See, I don’t want a big show or to know so and so’s

Fame ain’t impressive, fakery is massive

I used to need your love but now, NOW

I don’t want to know you, who says I have to

Your lies are life long, a sad man’s dying song

Noooooo more, no more

Not afraid to say it, I let you play it,

You tried to hide me but God stayed beside me

And Now I can remember you, and you can remember, too

Mmm, I say, don’t lie to me, you can try it and deny it, but it’s real

It’s real to you. In your final days, your life, a bitter haze

Will you face it, or erase it? Will you cry or continue to lie?

I won’t seek you, I want to leave you

With your memories, you and God can see.

You weren’t a good man, held a knife in your backhand,

Led a new flock to follow you, left me to be mocked, it’s true

Now I’m stronger, can’t hide no longer

I’ll be standing tall as you fade and fall

Will you save face or ask for grace?

They say dying cell by cell, one sees heaven or one sees hell.

No more spotlights, just a white light, closing in, sin by sin.

By “Little ME”

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