Side Steps

Each step, as far down as I can see has little doors; some to the left and some to the right. Some of these doors have been opened by some one else and they left a note for me to read. The notes were about BaD DaD. Some doors are barred with iron bolts and I can not enter or hear anything. These doors are not to protect me but to protect BaD DaD. They carry his past and present and things that others put in a red box marked, “Case Closed”. These are the enablers. I will call them “Hiders”. They do not want to know him; they choose to see only the things that make them happy or less guilty. The Hiders of “Him”, the one who broke into me, who tried to disable me with deceit and callousness, these hiders were part of my family. Be sure now. NOW. Do you want to go and read the notes with me? Will you hold my hand or turn me loose because it is too heavy? I can not stay on the top step forever. I am preparing to open the door to the light where real Love exists. I will shut the door and never go back, but first I must uncover, share and stomach the worst version of “Him”; the saddest version of “little me”. I want you to stay. I won’t lie; I am afraid.

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