Before Me

The boy’s parents divorced and his mother struggled to keep her job and her two children fed. She wasn’t neglectful but unable to afford what many other families had. She had come from poverty herself and had been raised on a farm in rural Georgia.

The beautiful girl also came from a different sort of poverty, despite her father owning boarding houses and a local market she lacked the type of love that a family generally is thought to generate. Her father was a troubled man and her mother worked in the store serving customers. The girl shared a room with 5 siblings in the back of the store and felt ashamed. Yet, she took on more work in other stores, even in a doll hospital. She enjoyed making her world more pleasant. Often she brought the boyfriend who was often hungry back to the store and made him grilled cheese sandwiches.

The boy told lots of big stories to his friends at school, and those stories grew bigger than life and the lovely, honest and hardworking girl broke up with him.

She had been warned that she would lose her position as a cashier at her job she went to after school and on weekends. Why? Because the boy stood watch over her, hung around the store and it made her and her boss uncomfortable. Despite moving forward after breaking up with the boy, he refused to leave her alone.


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